BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFix some compilation warningsPiotr Szarmanski4 months
no-allocate-buffersImplement buffer reuse encoding.Piotr Szarmanski3 months
0.1commit 5411a7d6b4...Piotr Szarmanski6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-11-20Fix some compilation warningsHEADmasterPiotr Szarmanski
2022-10-24Add tests for file-backend and hash-backend.Piotr Szarmanski
2022-10-24Add hash-backend and update README.Piotr Szarmanski
2022-10-22Add backend.lisp and file-backend.lisp.Piotr Szarmanski
2022-10-21Fix a typo in the license header.Piotr Szarmanski
2022-10-10Add serapeum and clean up type specifiers.Piotr Szarmanski
2022-09-27Remove wrong use-package0.1Piotr Szarmanski
2022-09-27Add the parallel-tests file to /test system.Piotr Szarmanski
2022-09-27Add Alexandria as a dependencyPiotr Szarmanski
2022-09-27Add an examples directory and a simple file-encoding system.Piotr Szarmanski